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Stand-Up Comedy Class




If you're reading this it's because you're interested in participating our Stand-Up Comedy Workshop, Sunday evenings at The Turning Point, 468 Piermont Ave., Piermont, NY.   Sessions will begin at 7pm on Sunday, 4/23 and run weekly through Sunday, June 18 (7 classes, but skipping May 14 for Mother's Day and May 28 for Memorial Day), with a final showcase on Thursday, June 22, 7:30pm. 


As for who I am, in short form, I'm a professional comic. (Yeah, I make most of my living doing it.) I've been doing stand-up for 7 years. Before that, I was a professional actor and writer (plays, TV, movies, commercials) from 1984's sort of ongoing. I do a lot of private gigs as well as clubs, and was named by as the #1 Comedian for Hire in NY for 2015, 2016, & 2017.  For more about me CLICK HERE.  I also run LoHud Comedy, producing stand-up shows throughout the Tri-State Area.


So, what's the workshop gonna be like?


It'll be small (not more than 8-12 people). It'll last 2-3 hours, depending on how many people we have.  So each person will work about 15 minutes per class.  You'll bring in material to work on. You'll do your short set (2-5 minutes), and then we'll spend time working: on the writing, on the performing, on the choices, on which material does what for you, on why the hell you're up there in the first place and on how that affects what you're doing, on WHO you are up there, on YOUR STORY (your themes) and how that informs what material you write. You name it. We're going to work on whatever will take you from where you are to the next level in writing and performing stand-up.


After we've completed the 7 weeks of class, we'll put on a showcase performance at The Turning Point.  It's not a "bringer" show. But we will ask you to invite friends, family, and co-workers. Anyone you think might want to watch you do stand-up, so that you have an audience to show off the fruits of your hard labor to.


After that show, with hard work and a little luck, hopefully you'll have a clearer, more robust sense of just what it is you're doing onstage, and why you're willing to ruin the rest of your life just to get up there!


The class costs $200. That's it.

To register for the class, click the Button below.

If you have any questions, email me at


Looking forward to working with you.


Best regards,


Adam Oliensis

LoHud Comedy


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